Download > Web Page. Click On The Downloaded Document To Unzip It. Click On The Unzipped HTML Document To Open It In Chrome Browser. Press Fn F12 To Open Chrome Dev Tools. Paste Copy Generally, A Hyperlink Is Used To Link A PDF Document To Display In The Browser. An HTML Anchor Link Is The Easiest Way To Display A PDF File. But If You Want To Display A PDF Document On The Web Page, PDF File Needs To Be Embedded In HTML. The HTML Tag Is The Best Option To Embed PDF Document On The Web Page. Open Microsoft Edge. Navigate To The PDF Form. Quick Tip: If You Need To Fill Out A Form Locally Stored On Your Computer, Right-click The File, Select The Open With Menu, And Choose The Microsoft See Full List On If The Browser Has A Feature Or Plug-in That Shows The PDF It Will Display Within A Full Browser Page, Otherwise It Will Try To Download, Unless The Proper Headers Are Sent. – StackSlave Sep 5 '13 At 2:11 Choose Firefox > Options > Applications. In The Content Type Area, Scroll To Portable Document Format (PDF). Click The Action Column Next To Portable Document Format (PDF), And Then Select An Application To Open The PDF. For Example, To Use The Acrobat Plug-in Within The Browser, Choose Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox). How To Embed PDF Viewer In HTML¶ Another Way Of Adding A PDF File To Your HTML Document Is Using The